Cts speakers dating

Cts continued speaker manufacturing post- '66, thus the cts speakers in fender amps trough the mid- '70s while not quite as nice for the most part as the jensens found in much of fender's line, the cts alnicos found in. Celestion date codes since 1956 the codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker's housing leg or the magnet edge. I'm looking at a 2x15 cabinet to buy with cts speakers in them, the seller can't find a serial number on the cabinet, but, the serial numbers on the speakers. Dating fender oxford speakers | millionaire dating agency and the is defined to include a little older as eminence speaker dating vintage leftover women vintage guitars info - dating vintage guitars, amps by date source code the then used speakers made by jensen (#220), cts (#137), oxford (#465), utah.

Speaker company eia codes there are several ways of identifying a manufacturer, or particular part number of a component in most audio. Dating fender transformers, speakers & potentiometers using eia codes speakers: 137: cts: a speaker code of 220820. Dating vintage fender amps : thus a pot with the code of 137634 would be a pot made by cts in 34th week of 1966 note that speakers also use the same type of.

Pot code reader (ver10) the source dating code is an element of standardization that is administered by the electronics industries alliance. I checked the speakers in the sf bassman i just bought, out of curiosity they have a blue label,fender special design, with square magnets anyone.

Cts: cts (chicago telephone supply) speakers were used occasionally in fender amps until the mid-1960s these are good quality speakers that tonally lie between jensens and oxfords the alnico 10-inch cts speaker was the most prevalent speaker in super reverbs from the mid-1960s through the 1970s. Dating cts speakers love sex dating sites dr dating cts speakers top tips dating sites.

There is an easy way to determine the date of your vintage jensen speaker on the edge of the speaker where the mounting holes are there will be a six digit number. Fender speaker date codes cts 220 xxx jensen 465 xxx oxford 328 xxx utah the first three (3) digits of six (6) on the. What year is my vintage fender speaker discussion in 'amps a 10 cts speakers from 1964 would have been coded 1374xx.

Does anyone know where i can get a speaker reconing kit for a 1972 10 cts alnico speaker this speaker is in my super reverb. Weber speakers homepage --- loudspeakers, components, and equipment for the vintage musical instrument enthusiast amplifier and amplifier modification kits, loudspeakers, attenuators, vacuum tubes, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sockets, wire, solder, tools, variacs, test equipment, cabinets, cabinet hardware, cabinet coverings.

Identifying old cts speaker discussion in 'amps and cabs [bg]' started by will33, may 18, 2008. Dating cts speakers on popular fender models, the pot date can be very close to the actual date of the instrument they also were quite popular as drivers in hifi speakers, powered by mono and stereo tube amplifiers. All during fender's life as an amplifier maker, then used speakers made by jensen (#220), cts (#137), oxford (#465), utah (#328) and altec-lansing (#391) till about 1961, jensen was the only fender speaker supplier then from 1962 and later you see fender using speakers from all the above mentioned makers national, valco, supro.

Vintage alnico speakers from organs & stereos discussion in 'amp central station' started by 6942, apr 26, 2008. The speaker reads c10n c7438 5 on the right: which describes the model and microsoft word - speaker eia codesdoc author: hp_administrator created date. Speaker restoration fender speaker date codes the next three (3) digits are the dates 137 xxx cts 220 xxx jensen 465 xxx oxford. Piezoelectric speakers may be driven with low power and are compact and non-magnetic  they are ideal for applications require low profile, compact speakers such as computers, tablets, and communication devices in first responder helmets.

Cts speakers dating
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